punk riot

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i feel like crap and i don't even remember why. theres so much shit going on, it all blends together into quicksand of depression. The more i think about it the deeper it gets.
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punk riot

geeking out

tonight i was feeling geeky and disassembled my laptop. It started out as routine maintenance of removing the fan and cleaning it out. It took a while but i did it. I now want to fully disassemble my laptop and paint it. I also read an article about kite aerial photography. It seems really cool and semi easy. I also read an article about creating a messenger bag out of old plastic bags. It sounds really lame but, it's cool, trust me.
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Since my computron died i've been using my mac mini. the suckiest part is that i lost all my music. Its still on my ipod which is good but, there's no way to put it on my new computer. I ripped the Beatles Love album. Its pretty cool. Its like the offical beatles remix/mashup album.
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stupid fuckers

some stupid fuckers were shining laser pointers at cars along graham hill rd when i was driving home. so i called the cops on them. i hope those kids or whomever they are shit their pants when the cop cruiser drives by and they shine a laser at it and it pulls into their driveway.